Our CMB division has been dedicated to the development and technology of CMB since the establishment of the CMB plant in 1987. As a result, we have secured the highest level of technology in the rubber compounding technology field. In addition, we have lots of CMB COMPOUND available for vehicle, electronics, shoes, and industrial products. We have established a LOT tracking system that enables us to trace the entire production process control system (POP SYSTEM), and trace from raw material receipt to CMB product release. DONGAH CMB will continue to do our best to support domestic and foreign customers.

  • Standard product (DONGAH’s compound) : Meet customer's requirements with our compound by polymer, by hardness, and by physical property level.
  • Customized product : Produce in accordance with customer's demands and suggestions for specification or recipe

Supply form

  • CMB    :     Unvulcanized rubber produced by physically mixing raw rubber and reinforcing agents such as carbon, filler, softener, plasticizer, etc. in Banbury machine.
    ⇒ Customized individual film package types such as 20 or 30 kg
  • FMB    :     Unvulcanized rubber in which the customer can work with this in the mold machine directly by adding vulcanization such as sulfur to 1st mixed CMB.

POLYMER TYPE Characteristic Usage
EPDM Widely used as a general rubber due to high resistance to water, corrosion, electrical insulation. Automobile W / Strip, Sponge, Gasket, Various packing items, Wire Cover, Hose
NR Raw rubber widely used as a dustproof rubber due to its excellent mechanical and low internal heat, and its durability. Tire, dustproof rubber, Rubber belt
SBR Easy to process, excellent durability, and substitute for an NR Rubber mat, coloring
BR High wear resistance and elasticity, excellent low temperature flexibility. Used to improve physical property by blending SBR and NR Tire tread, shoes sole
NBR excellent oil resistance to mineral oil Fuel hose, oil seal, safety shoe
IIR Low gas permeability and chemical reactivity, low resist elasticity and good vibration absorbency. Automobile W/Strip, sponge, gasket, various packing items, wire cover, hose
CR Low inflammability, good adhesion, good maintenance resistance, and strong from wind. Good rubber elasticity and mechanical power. Fuel hose, belt
Other Rubber products synthesized by new manufacturing method or customers’ needs

CMB Rubber Products

  • All rubber products for vehicles
    • Gasket, O-ring
    • Weather Strip
    • Grommet
    • Fuel hose
    • Mounts
    • Exhaust Hangers
    • Car mat
    • Spring pad
    • Bumper
  • Electronic parts
    • Hose
    • Bellows
    • Water Hose
  • General industrial products or shoes out sole