- 1990.11.30
  Awarded US$ 50 Millon Export Prize from the President of
Korean Government on the 27th Korea Export Celebrating Day.
- 1990.12.18
  Establishment of Cheongchon Cluture Foundation.
- 1991.06.29
  Awarded a comendation for Peasce of Industry by
Kyungnam Province governer.
- 1993.06.10
  Awarded Best Company Prize of 1993 Korean Management
Grand Prix.
- 1994.03.03
  Award the Silver Medal from the President of Korean
Government on th 28th Korean Tax Day.
- 1994.05.06
  Award the Bronze Medal from the President of Koran
Government on th 29th Labor Day.
- 1995.03.23
  Establishment of Cheongchon Scholarship Foundation.
- 1995.12.07
  Acquirement of ISO 9001 Certification(TUV Rheinland, Germany)
- 1996.11.30
  Awarded US$ 100 Million Export Prize from the President of
Korean Gorvernment on the 33rd Korean Export Celebrating Day.

Awarded Export contributor Prize from the Korean Trade Asociation.
 - 1997.01.10
  Awarded the Best Company Prize for Industrial Peace
Activities in 1996.
- 1997.12.24
  QS 9000 certified( Taeyang Plant)
- 1998.03.09
  Purchased Taeyang Rubber Co.,Ltd.
- 1998.04.06
  Accquisition of Quality Certification for Good Recycling.
- 1999.04.24
  Acquisition of Battery Plant.
- 1998.03~08
  Complete Renovation of the Battery Plant.