- 1980.12.01
  Awarded Korean Prime Minster's Prize for export
contribution on the 17th Korean Export Celebrating Day.
- 1982.02.05
  Movement of Factory and head office to Yusan-ri,
Yangsa(present location)
 - 1982.11.30
  Awarded US$ 10 Million Export Prize from the President of
Korean Government
- 1984.03.03

Awarded Prize for duly paying Tax from Korean Prime

- 1987.03.03
  Awarded Medal from the President of Korean Government
on the 12st Korean Tax Day.
- 1987.11.14
  Establishment of Retread & Rubber Factory at Boukjeong,
- 1988.09.24
  Listed on Korea Stock Exchange Market
(Capital : Korean won 9.5 Billion)